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The Parkgate Society publishes two newsletters per year - Spring and Autumn. Newsletters are free to paid up members of the Society, and are sent out to members via email (see below), or by hand if you live in Parkgate, or by post. Those receiving a newsletter by email can collect a printed version at the next meeting following publication, if spare copies are available.


Copies of previous Newsletters can be viewed by clicking on the relevant issue on the right >>>


Issues previous to Autumn 2012 are being retrieved from our archive and will be listed here in due course. If you would like to do research or would like to view issues previous to Autumn 2012, please email the secretary.

As part of our environmental responsibilities, the Society prefers to distribute Newsletters and other communications to members via email rather than printed versions.


This takes the form of a PDF file attached to an email.


The advantages of this are:

  • A reduction in printing costs and trees!;
  • A reduction in distribution time and costs, including postal costs and shoe leather where delivery is by hand;
  • More detailed features can be incorporated, including Full Colour images;
  • Members are able to digitally store newsletters for easy referral.


Also, urgent information about other Society matters can be quickly communicated.


Please note: email addresses are not given out to any third party.

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The following newsletters are available to view and download:

Not available until the Autumn 2018 issue has been published.

This is the very first newsletter issued.

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Newsletters are © Parkgate Society. You may download these Newsletters for personal use but all articles in these Newsletters are the property of the Society and can only be reproduced with the permission of the Society.

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