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Our Vision

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"Our vision" for Parkgate was developed following a disappointing outcome of the annual Cheshire Community Pride Competition in 2011, when we came bottom of all the entrants in our category. The then CWaC Councillor for Parkgate, Brenda Dowding, wanted to present a more cared-for image, that reflected the former glory of Parkgate. Together we developed a vision of how Parkgate might look better, and the steps that needed to be taken to achieve that vision.


The full text of that vision can be read here. The narrative identified various agencies and called on them to perform specific actions to achieve "Our Vision". Already, some of the actions have been addressed and visitors will notice that Parkgate is looking better than just a few years ago.


The following is a list of outstanding actions for those agencies that still need to be addressed to improve the village of Parkgate for residents, workers and visitors alike:

  • Street lights. The existing lights on The Parade are a random mix of metal and concrete types and should be replaced with uniform heritage style posts, capable of supporting flower baskets and, if possible, Christmas lights. Awaiting funding opportunity.


  • Mostyn Square. The degraded tarmac pavement outside the entrance to St Thomas’ Church should be replaced with paving similar to that used on the Donkey Stand. Not yet progressed. Planters and hanginging baskets have been purchased to make the Square more colourful.


  • Middle Slip. Following the installation of the boat/flower garden "Hi-C", the pavement has been re-modelled to follow the line of the roadway. Four bollards, two removable, (of a similar style to the railings along the Parade) have been installed to prohibit unauthorised vehicle access to the marsh. A rockery has been created around the base of the boat and planted with seasonal flowers.


  • Seating. Some additional benches near the south slip (and possibly elsewhere) would be welcomed by visitors and residents alike. Two new bench seats have been installed where the original seats where, and two more seats are planned to be installed in 2018.


  • Information panels. New interpretation boards should be installed at the following areas to describe the historic significance of these areas: Middle Slip, Boathouse Slip, (Draft designs have been produced.), the garden at the end of the Ropewalk and at the extended Ropewalk Car Park. An interpretation board has been installed at the Ropewalk Car Park adjacent to the steps. Another will be installed next to the Pill Box when it is converted into a Bat haven.


  • Car parking. The under-used Ropewalk car park has now been opened up and re-designed, with 4000 spring bulbs planted in 2016, but an additional car parking sign installed on Station Road near the junction with Earle Drive is needed to give advanced warning. Further work is in hand to turn the WW2 pillbox into a bat haven.


  • Signage. The direction signs on The Parade need rationalising, with up to four heritage style finger posts installed at appropriate points along the Parade, directing visitors to eg. public toilets, car parks, Parkgate School, St Thomas’ Church, etc. Awaiting funding opportunity.


  • The Seawall. The state of the wall has been assessed; the weed growth cleared and the damaged sandstone blocks are being re-pointed and repaired. The weed growth will need to be treated and cleared regularly. CWaC are still progressing with this task when weather and funds permit.


  • Toilets. Following the refurbishment of the toilet block in Mostyn Square, there is spare capacity in the building. This could be used for community purposes. Various options have been considered.


  • Flower schemes. Additional schemes of planting should be supported and sponsored. A number of small schemes have been introduced, and planters installed on The Parade and in Mostyn Square. Further planters will be introduced as funding becomes available.


The sea wall has now been cleaned

New Heritage gateway signs erected on Boathouse Lane ...............and on Station Road

Two of the Bronze Heritage plaques that have been placed on buildings in Parkgate to commemorate the heritage of those buildings. 7 plaques initially have been placed, and it is hoped that more will follow.

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