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An archive of reports & information about the activities of the Parkgate Society and the Community Spirit Volunteers.

Below is a list of reports detailing the activities carried out.

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05/12/20 – Parkgate Society Community Spirit Monthly Litter Pick

08/04/19 – What a Load of Parkgate Rubbish!

04/02/19 – Litter Picking Champions Out In Force in Parkgate

04/09/18 Parkgate's Community Volunteers Tackle More Rubbish

15/01/18 Parkgate Rubbish Cleared After High Tides

18/12/17 Christmas comes to Parkgate

10/05/17 – Parkgate Planters Take Pride of Place

18/04/17 Parkgate Pupils Community Spirit With Winning Posters

28/03/17 – Second Spring Clean in Parkgate

04/03/17 – Community Spirit Volunteers - Parkgate Spring Clean

31/01/17 – Parkgate Society Community Spirit Update January 2017

03/10/16 – Harbour Life at Parkgate - a Poem

22/09/16 Parkgate Clean Up Day Supported by Council Staff

29/07/16 – Upgraded Parkgate Car Park Opens to Traffic

18/04/16 – Community Spirit - South Slip Clearance - see below

04/04/16 – Parkgate Society - Parkgate Plaques Unveiled

29/03/16 – Parkgate Society - Launch of Parkgate Heritage trail

07/03/16 – Community Spirit Volunteers - Clean for the Queen

26/02/16 – Parkgate Society - Pink Poo Initiative

10/02/16 – Community Spirit Volunteers - Keeping Parkgate Tidy

07/01/16 – Parkgate Society - Parkgate Sea Wall Work

05/12/15 – Parkgate Society - Christmas Cheer Comes To Parkgate

20/11/15 – Parkgate Society - Parkgate Plaques

17/08/15 – Community Spirit Volunteers - Making a Difference

27/07/15 – Parkgate Society - The New Heritage gateway signs

17/04/15 Parkgate Society Community Spirit in Action - Round 2!

03/03/15 Parkgate Community Spirit in Action

On Monday 18th April 2017, eleven volunteers spent a productive two hours clearing the weeds and grass from the South slip and the stretch of alleyway that runs along the seawall from South slip towards Manorial Road.  They filled over 70 bags of soil and grass as they uncovered six steps, but an old photograph (below left) shows there are still another 10 steps buried!!

A small section from Susan Chambers WW1 article of June 1915

The photo on the left shows all 16 steps - as steps. Following the request of A.G.Grenfell in 1915 (above), the recent photo on the right shows the 9 feet of slope on the seaward side of the South slip.

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