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Membership of the Parkgate Society is by way of an annual subscription.

Subscriptions cost £7.00 per year for a single member

and £10.00 per year for a couple/household membership.

Members can enjoy the following benefits:

Free attendance at the Society's meetings (Sept - Nov, Jan - May),

Attendance at other events arranged by the Society (possible additional cost).

Free copies of the Society's Newsletters,

Free updates to news and information about the Society and Parkgate.

For all enquiries about joining the Parkgate Society,

or for members to update their contact details,

please email the Membership Secretary, or phone 0151 336 4461

One of our meetings held at The Cranston Suite

The following forms are required to join the Parkgate Society. Click on the form to download it, then complete the form.

When completing the Membership form, please enter both names if you are joining as a couple. Also, please enter an email address, if you have one, as we send out updates and other information by email on a regular basis. We also send out our twice yearly newsletter by email. Please indicate clearly the subscription you have chosen, as well as answering the questions that follow. 

We would prefer you to pay your yearly subscription by Standing Order. This makes payment much easier for yourself as well as the Society. Standing Orders are payable yearly, normally on 6th April, and can be cancelled at any time.

If you have access to online banking, please set up your own Standing Order online. The Society's bank details are on the Standing Order form. Please ensure that the payment date is 6th April each year, and you have entered the correct subscription amount.

If you do not have online access to your account, please complete the Standing Order Mandate, ensuring the correct branch address is entered, and the Sort Code and Account Number are legible. When completed, please send this form to your bank.

Please note that your first year's subscription will not be received by us via your Standing Order due to timing issues with banks. if you have access to online banking, you may pay this first subscription by bank transfer. Alternatively, if you do not have online access to your account, please, if possible, pay by cheque (made payable to Parkgate Society) and submit with your Membership forms. The first year subscription is not payable if you join between 1st January and 5th April.

If you pay UK income tax, we would be grateful if you could also complete the Gift Aid Declaration. As a charitable Society, this enables us to reclaim the tax you have already paid on your subscription, back from HM Revenue, which helps us to keep our subscriptions low.

The completed forms can be scanned and emailed to the Membership Secretary, sent to the address on the Membership Form, or handed in at one of our meetings.

We hope you will enjoy your membership of the Parkgate Society, enjoy our monthly meetings and join in with our endeavours to keep Parkgate the unique and popular village it is today.

Last Updated October 2021