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On 7th December, the Parkgate Society Community Spirit Team, together with 10 children from Parkgate Primary School, took part in a short video produced by CWaC, which was shown at a Volunteering Celebration in January. The video can be viewed here

The results of the 2018 Cheshire Community Pride Competition

can be viewed here.


If you would like to be a member of the Community Spirit Volunteer Team, please contact David Johnson on

  0151 739 1217 or email

You do not have to be a member of the Parkgate Society, nor is there any subscription fees for this team.

In 2014 the Parkgate Society’s committee discussed entering Parkgate into the Cheshire Community Pride competition once again. A previous entry in 2011 had seen Parkgate finishing last out of the entire County. The judges had commented that Parkgate was “scruffy”.

Looking back, you only had to walk along the Parade to understand why:

Mostyn House was looking very tired with broken windows and the frontage held up with scaffolding.

The donkey stand had shabby old benches and rusty litter bins with their doors hanging off

The bus shelter in Mostyn Square was semi derelict and smelly

Many buildings were in need of a bit of TLC.

The coffee shop was only open spasmodically.

And, of course, the seawall - large areas of mortar were missing from the joints in the sandstone and weeds and trees were growing out of the gaps. The gutters and grids draining the road into the marsh were clogged with weeds and grasses, and the slipways were overgrown. There was also litter and debris brought ashore by the high tides.

The general view was that the judges were correct in their remarks. It was very disheartening for the residents and for the visitors. Parkgate is a wonderful place with its heritage, history, views and its amenities. Whatever the weather, people will arrive in Parkgate for a stroll along the Parade, a breath of fresh air, maybe an ice cream, possibly some shrimps and a drink in one of the new coffee and tea shops.

Members of the Community Spirit Volunteer Team working on clearing the footpath over the bridge on Boathouse Lane 

Although several of the issues raised by the competition entry have been resolved, it was felt that Parkgate still required a good tidy up. It was suggested that we involve the wider community in Parkgate. This led to the formation of a sub-group of the Parkgate Society instigated at a meeting organised by the late Brenda Dowding, the local Cheshire West and Chester Councillor. Interested residents were invited to sign up as volunteers, and with over 25 people registering interest, the Parkgate Community Spirit initiative began.

We hope to make Parkgate a cleaner, tidier, nicer place for residents, and for visitors. We will work with the council, even though some may ask “why should we?”, but, if we are to develop our community spirit, why not? Once a few start to do this, the hope is that others will join in.

Certainly the businesses along the Parade do their bit by tidying up outside their premises at the end of the day, and the Street Scene staff come along every morning to empty bins. The Parkgate Fish & Chips shop regularly clean up chip papers and meal containers from the marsh and fill bin bags for the council to remove the following morning.

Since the Parkgate Vision meeting, the Community Spirit group have held several marsh tidies, litter picks, cleared mud and weeds from the middle slip and cut back overgrown shrubbery and trees that blocked the footpaths.

We have met councillors and persuaded CWaC to start work on the seawall. The grass area at the end of the Ropewalk was tidied up when the old colliery wagon was installed, but after a few years it shows signs of neglect. This has now been tidied up and new flowers have been planted.

The Parade is the face of Parkgate and needs to look good. Thankfully, Mostyn House is now complete, and we have already seen a big improvement with the completed refurbishment of the donkey stand. A number of the businesses along the Parade have improved the exterior of their properties with hanging gaskets, planters and window boxes, and most of them have also been painted. Certainly Parkgate is undergoing some welcome TLC with many of the building along the Parade being given a fresh coat of paint by their owners (a big thank you to them).  We have the nicely planted boat on the middle slip and some ideas for tidying the slipway entrance in the pipeline. The seawall is getting the attention it deserves and already looking much tidier. The Ropewalk car park has been upgraded and when the bulbs flower in the spring it will look tremendous.  The Welcome to Parkgate Signs have been planted up (thanks to Neston Town Council). We are hopeful we can have more planters and hanging baskets installed but we do need funding for the purchase and maintenance, we could do with some more benches for the Parade and elsewhere and again funding is the issue. If any of you have any ideas and suggestions please do get in touch.

Left: The footpath before the team started, showing the blocked path.

Right: The team cutting back the brambles and overgrown hedging

Right: The finished job - a clear and safe footpath to walk down

The footpath on Boathouse Lane leading down from the bridge towards the River Dee.

 We do have lots of ideas and enthusiasm so, if you would like to get involved, please do get in touch. Let’s take a bit of pride in Parkgate.

Last Updated January 2019