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Books and other publications about Parkgate. (Those in green text are by members of the Parkgate Society).

‘Twixt Mersey and Dee’ by Hilda Gamlin 1897

‘Parkgate as a Port’ by GW Place Cheshire Archaeological Society Journal Jan 1983

‘Neston and Parkgate’ by Jeffrey Pearson 1985

‘The Rise and Fall of Parkgate, Passenger Port for Ireland, 1686-1815’ by Geoffrey Place  (Chetham Society, 1994)

‘Neston 1840-1940’ by Burton & South Wirral Local History Society 1996

‘Neston and Parkgate Remembered’ by Jeffrey Pearson 1998

‘Neston at War 1939-1945’ by Burton & Neston History Society 1999

‘This is Parkgate’ by GW Place Parkgate Society (revised edition) 2008

‘Neston: Stone Age to Steam Age’ by Burton & Neston History Society 2014

‘Parkgate Heritage Trail’ by Alan Passmore Parkgate Society 2015

Details of records held at the Cheshire Records Office. (It is hoped that we can scan these records and present them on this website in the future).

Parkgate Society Records, Accession number 06165, Class Record D 6165   Cheshire Record Office, Chester.

  1. Millennium photographs of Parkgate, 2000
  2. Millennium collection of information, leaflets, cuttings, sale particulars etc relating to societies, schools, institutions, houses, organisations etc, 2000
  3. Domesday Survey I, photographic survey of buildings and events, 1985
  4. Domesday Survey II, photographic survey, 1985; photographic negatives of Domesday Survey by Leonard Walker, 1985-1986

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