Central Parade

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The Central Parade

Why all the steps?

The block in the middle of the picture contains three houses, each with the steps up to the front door. These steps were intended to ensure that the ground floor was sufficiently raised to avoid the possibility of flooding from the sea in stormy conditions.

The middle house is called "Seven Steps", as there were originally seven steps here; but resurfacing of the road has meant that only five currently remain visible.

A bus continues on its way to West Kirby, while a motor cyclist prepares to set off towards Neston.

Parkgate's Heritage

The three closest cottages in this picture are, from left to right: Teal Cottage, Seven Steps, and The Butchers Shop (with the whitish facade). 

The whole block is a grade II* listed building, and these are some of Parkgate’s earliest houses, dating from about 1720. It is thought that they were originally built to provide accommodation for travellers and traders while they waited here for their ships.

Until recently there was a slaughter house behind the butchers shop – now replaced by two modern cottages.

Last Updated February 2019