The Parade

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The Parade

What! No Pavement? Where did people walk?

This picture is taken looking north along the parade from close to  Mostyn Square. The building jutting out in the distance is the house called "Overdee". 

Notice the boats at anchor, the un-surfaced road and the lack of pavement at this time.  With little traffic, people were free to walk in the road. Not recommended nowadays!

Hazardous Bus Route

An old Crosville double decker bus is making quite a splash, as it drives past the Donkey Stand at high tide. Luckily, no one is sitting on the benches!

In the foreground the entrance to the Red Lion pub looks exactly the same as now. 

Note the Walkers Falstaff Brewery sign and the now unique Walkers of Warrington cubed gas light.

Last Updated February 2019